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And we're back (again) - The Ninja Pencil

Jul. 30th, 2012

07:05 am - And we're back (again)

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[Edit – I screwed up some formatting last time and it chopped half my post off]
Going back to work today after 2 weeks out of the office. I am a little tired, pretty well rested, mentally recharged and de-stressed (that was my primary objective). I’m surprised to hear myself wanting to go back, but I miss it. I miss the people, the place and the work – I love my job. I also found that without a set routine, after a while my head turns to crap. I lose focus and this makes me feel bewildered, and that leads to some kind of panic that everything is going to implode. But I’m not crazy or unstable, how can this be?!? (As stable as a 3-legged giraffe, you might say...)

The first week wasn’t a vaca per se, but I had to go to Montreal for week of training, which was a lot of fun and pretty much a vacation. Adrienne came with me, we stayed on the South side of the St. Lawrence river in Longueuil, (which allowed me to avoid that unreal rush-hour traffic over the knackered bridges), but we were next to the metro at Sherbrooke University, only 2 stops on the orange line from St. Catherine Street – the metro in Montreal is an amazing system. Training was easy, I scored a 98% in the final, so it seems I will remain securely employed for the next 2 years.

(As long as I pass the big, long ASQ Certified Quality Auditor exam in December...)

So what did I get from these 2 weeks out?

* I got over a disappointing lit rejection and back on the horse, starting my next book. That was my fault for almost ‘expecting’ that it would be accepted.

* I have a solid schedule down for finishing the script and books-in-progress, which will lead to the film script being done by September (1st draft).

* I have coded nothing in weeks except some simple html updates, so I’m jonesin to get back into php and take over the world

* I fixed the knackered P key on my laptop, (which I almost had to hit with a hammer to get any P output) – that was very, very frustrating, and turned out to be a tiny splinter of wood under the contact.

* I set up a Reddit account so I can pitch my own woo on my way to world domination

I’m sure there was more, but it’s < 7am, and did I mention I was tired?

Oh yeah – book wise I re-started The Wayward Bus, which I haven’t picked up since Feb 14th 2010 – Valentine’s Day last year, while I waited for my wife to come out of surgery. I have read a lot since then – haven’t been too negligent – but the Wayward Bus wasn’t holding my attention the way Grapes of Wrath did. I also learned that TWB was the first thing Steinbeck wrote after Grapes of Wrath, but wasn’t finished until 8 years later. That makes me feel better about my own delays.

Anyway, I hafta go. Wish me luck.